Nu Kru is a talented recording artist, singer, songwriter and performer hailing from Liberia. In December 2016, he began his music career collaborating with producer and close friend Dylan Diel, which led to his EP Nu Breed, featuring his first single 'I Liko'. Nu Kru continues to release new music, showcasing the versatile and creative realm that's been missing from today’s music scene.

Although music is what Nu Kru loves to do, he was not always so thick-skinned about being in the spotlight. He has wanted to pursue music fully for most of his life but didn’t have the courage to step out on his own. Like most, he started out singing in the church and at school plays. Always a group effort, never on his own. But with faith in God and in himself, Nu Kru is devoted to making a positive impact on listeners through his solo music career. He aspires to use this platform to reach fans across the world and share his successes through other breadths of work. One goal is to put together a showcase of similar artists to achieve something greater for the world. Even now, when he is not being a busy and sought after artist, Nu Kru can be found helping the younger generations excel in their own dreams.

The name Nu Kru comes from consideration of his native culture. Nu Kru is a member of the Kru people, one of the indigenous group players in Liberia’s socio-political activities. His culture is a big part of his life, but Nu Kru hopes to branch outside of his Liberian roots with the music he makes. You can hear derivatives from the Caribbean, West Africa, East Africa, and Liberia fused with today’s pop culture.

As an Afro-Pop artist, Nu Kru gives his audience a fresh, eclectic sound with a reggae feel. He provides his audience with stylistic, layered genres of music consisting of captivating and inviting lyrics. His influences include strong global artists such as Akon and Bob Marley. Like these notable lyricists, Nu Kru hopes to make self-conscious music for his audience. No guns, drugs, trap music or glorifying the street life will be heard from this artist. The forefront of the music will continue to be to get a message across and bring awareness to his fans.